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“Dixie” - What We Stand For

What started out as the Dixie Cupped duck hunting logo has now grown into the Dixie Life lifestyle brand.  We strive to represent the Southern Outdoorsman, the hunting/fishing/outdoor lifestyle, and Southern Way of Life.  

Traveling all over this country and beyond it’s borders chasing turkeys and ducks made us proud to be from The South and our goal is to provide a product for our customers to show off that pride.  In our eyes, “Dixie” as tied to our Dixie Cupped, Dixie Hooked, Dixie Rut, Dixie Strut, Dixie Life logos means just that, it’s not about hate or things that happened generations ago, it simply says no matter your race or background, you are an avid outdoorsman that is proud to be from the South and love the Southern way of life.